Medical Questions

Q: Who will provide my Dialysis treatments?

A: All dialysis treatments will be provided by Dialysis Cruise staff. This includes Registered Nurses, Technicians and a Nephrologist.

Q: I am an NHS patient, do I have to pay for my dialysis sessions on board?

A: NHS England will make a contribution towards the cost of your dialysis providing the majority of ports visited are within the European Economic Area.   The EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is not accepted on board cruise ships.

Q: Is there funding available to cover the cost of dialysis sessions on board?

A: Please see the answer to the question above.  Also, adults and families affected by kidney disease who are unable to pay for the full cost of a holiday can apply to the Kidney Care UK for a grant. To check your eligibility and apply, please contact your renal unit social worker or a member of your kidney care team. More information can be found by clicking here.

Q: Do I need to bring my medication with me?

A: Yes, you will need to bring all of your medication with you, as the ship cannot provide medication to you.
You will also need your three most recent dialysis treatment sheets, latest current labs (to include MRSA, Hep B & C, and HIV) and all personal and dialysis medications (for example EPO/EPREX, CALCIJEX, INFED, ZEMPLAR etc.) if required. These medications are not provided by the nursing team however, they will administer them to you.
Please note: Heparin is used on board, therefore if you require Tinzaparin please bring it with you.
If you have a catheter, please bring your own Urokinase or similar.

Q: How do I dispose of sharps on board?

A: If you will require a sharps disposal box, one can be provided for you by the ship, free of charge, if requested at the time of booking.


Q: Can I eat during my dialysis treatment session?

A: Food is not allowed in the dialysis treatment rooms due to infection control reasons.

Q: What if there is a medical emergency?

A: A member of the onboard Dialysis Cruise staff will be available to you 24 hours a day. For non-dialysis related emergencies our staff will refer you to the ship medical staff for ongoing care. Care from the cruise line’s medical staff may incur an additional cost.

Q: Is there oxygen available during the dialysis treatment session?

A: Dialysis Cruise does not provide oxygen. If you require oxygen you need to take it with you.

Healthcare professional

Q: Do I require a History and Physical prior to my sail date?

A: Yes, your Dialysis Unit or GP will provide this.

Q: When will dialysis take place onboard?

A: Your dialysis treatment session time and days are pre-scheduled upon your booking and scheduled around the ports of call as far as possible.  For a tailor made dialysis schedule to meet your exact needs ask about our VIP Cruising Experience.


Q: Can the medical team refrigerate my medication whilst I am aboard?

A: The medical team cannot refrigerate your medications for you, however most cabins are equipped with a small fridge that can be used to store your medications.