Staff Testimonials

“I have worked as a dialysis nurse all of my nursing career and I am also interested in travel and I fancied combining work and travel. I heard about dialysis cruising from one of my patients and I set about finding ways to achieve this. After I retired that yearning grew stronger and finally the email I had been waiting for came. It was the right timing because I had a lot of time on my hands and this was the chance for me to do this. To cut a long story short, I am living my dream and I’m enjoying the experience. I have done and will continue to do it for so many reasons – I love my job and this has given me a chance to widen my experience of dialysis in a different environment and I am learning new things from other nurses from different backgrounds and practices, meeting patients from different countries and their lasting impressions on me. Then there is the friendships that I have personally formed. The team has become a second family who I always look forward to meeting again and again. I have had so much support and my bosses are great and 100% dedicated to their jobs and there is so much planning and organising and this drives me to put in my own 100%. The bonus is being able to see different parts of the world even if it is for short periods of time.” Dorothy

“I have been with Dialysis Cruise since 2018. It’s the most exciting experience of my life. I have met amazing people in the nursing team. I have gained valuable knowledge from the Charge Nurse, which has improved my competence and performance as a dialysis nurse. The friendship among the team creates a family atmosphere. The opportunity to travel to so many countries, visit unique historical places, and experience different cultures is the icing on the cake. The dialysis team are amazing, caring, and always make sure all the nurses enjoy the experience and the luxury of Dialysis Cruise.” Maude

“My name is Mary and my next trip working with Dialysis Cruise will be my fourth trip with the company, working as a staff nurse.  Everyone working with Dialysis Cruise are welcoming and friendly, and you are made to feel at ease as soon as you step onboard the ship.  Apart from the time spent in the dialysis room, the rest of the time onboard is free.  You can enjoy your off shore and all the other activities offered on the ship.  It is a great way to see the world and to visit places that you probably wouldn’t have the chance to visit, and making new friends along the way.”  Mary

“The cruise was amazing and the dialysis team was incredible. All nurses were very professional, efficient, caring, and friendly. We worked excellently together. The charge nurse was very competent and always available for everyone at all times. Everything was very well organized. I was delighted with the whole cruise and I enjoyed the company of my colleagues. I hope to be able to have future involvement and work with these excellent people.” Hristina

“I’m so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to go on a dialysis cruise and I’m excited to be able to return for more cruises. I’ve been able to learn and develop my skills and confidence from all the staff on dialysis cruise who all work and live in different parts of the world. Above all it has been a privilege to travel to so many different places that I would not have the opportunity to travel to, with such an amazing team of people who could not have been more welcoming to me. I have made so many new friends and memories. I enjoyed being an important part of peoples holidays who have dialysis and be able to provide a service that allows them to enjoy travelling as well. I would highly recommend dialysis cruise to both nurses and people who have dialysis.” Aaron

“My experience with DialysisCruise has been amazing! They have made me feel welcomed from the start. During my time on the cruise it has definitely felt more like a holiday rather than a Job. I have managed to explore a beautiful part of the world at a fraction of the cost and met some great people along the way. I would recommend the experience to anyone. Thank you Dialysis Cruise.”  Chris

“Dialysis Cruise is an excellent company that allows dialysis patients to travel the world whilst dialysing onboard  which is great! I had an amazing opportunity as a nurse to be able to dialyse patients and help them enjoy a cruise with their loved ones. I loved helping the wonderful patients with their dialysis treatment. I enjoyed  building a bond with patients  and their families, as well as working with amazing colleagues. I had a great opportunity as a nurse to further enhance my skills and my confidence ,I would strongly urge and recommend nurses to apply and aid patients to be able to travel the world whilst dialysing onboard. The charge nurse is amazing and looked after all of the staff and patients throughout ,from embarkation to disembarkation , dialysis on board is safe and patient centred. The company aids patients with all the paper work and books their cruises and can also aid staff with booking transfers from London Victoria to Tilbury which  is great. The staff in charge are so kind and caring and did all that they could to make patients their families and staff happy and I can not thank them enough. I will definitely cruise again and I am glad I had this  fantastic opportunity and I am looking forward to going back next year.” Amal

“I tried dialysis nursing on a cruise ship for the first time this past summer. I was referred by one of my friends. She told me about the great experience she had so I decided to give it a try. I was extremely nervous. I was doing the cruise alone and I had been out of the dialysis field for quite some time. However, the team was so supportive and welcoming. I was instantly put at ease. On work days the patients received optimal, personalized care. When we weren’t working, the on shore excursions were a great bonding experience. I will definitely do it again.” Chi Chi

“It is always a pleasure for me to take care of dialysis patients that travel with the caring and competent staff of “Dialysis Cruise” and help them enjoy truly wonderful moments in their lives.” Dr Kira, Nephrologist

“One of the best experiences ever!  I was able to have the privilege to join the Dialysis Cruise team on this wonderful 7-day journey across Europe. The charge nurse is an extremely intelligent person and if joining the team you are bound to learn so much!  I’ve felt welcomed the moment I first met everyone and the connection you grow with the patients is so heart-warming. This was very new for me but I truly fell in love and have booked myself to join again.  If you have a passion for helping others and a passion for healthcare, please do not hesitant to contact!!!!” Gi-Odi

“Being part of the Dialysis team onboard Ambience was truly an amazing experience for me. The team made me feel so welcome. The working vacation allowed me to travel to lots of different countries, whilst gaining great experience in dialysing onboard a cruise.  I also made new friends. Ambience is such a beautiful fine ship and I am looking forward to joining the team again in September 2024.” Sharon D

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